The Company

Weld Surfacing for improved performance

Dalforsåns history goes all the way back to the 1970’s when it was a subsidiary of the British Steel Corporation. Since then Dalforsån has led the way in pioneering and developing weld cladding and continuous casting technologies.

Today we are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Welding Alloys Group, a global specialist in the development of low and high alloyed flux-cored wires, automated welding equipment for surfacing and joining applications. Together Dalforsån and Welding Alloys continue to develop unique levels of expertise in Cladding, Hardfacing and Joining applications for our customers around the world.

Coupled with our extensive experience, continual investment in research and development as well as productivity and quality, Dalforsån remains in front as the entrusted supplier of state-of-the-art rollers across the globe.

Our rollers can be found in various applications, from steel mills through to cement crushers. Whenever you have corrosion or erosion on rollers, give Dalforsån the opportunity to prepare a tailored package of services to reduce your costs for repair and increase your productivity with our long lasting rollers.

Our quality system is certified acc. to SS-EN ISO 9001:2015.

For more details see our lists of references and facilities.

Dan Norman, Managing Director