Weld Cladding Pioneer!

Your specialized supplier of continuous casting rollers

Swedish contractor specialized in

Manufacture of rolls and rollsets

Our rollers can be found in various applications, from steel mills to cement crushes.

Refurbishment of casting machine and rolling mill rolls

Wherever you have corrosion or erosion on rollers, give us a chance to offer our services to reduce cost for repair and increase productivity with long lasting rollers.

Contract machining of heavy duty rolls

Weld surfacing of rollers

Our strengths

Just in time caster maintenance

A new maintenance concept will reduce maintenance downtime and manpower demands. Replace worn rollers and jackets with new top quality ones, just in time.

First class economy

We offer cladded rollers manufactured to the highest European standards, competitive enough to be compared to Asia’s production costs. 

Weld surfacing for improved performance

With continuous efforts in productivity and quality, we have been entrusted to supply state of the art rollers worldwide.


With or without weld cladded surface. Cooled with center bore or revolver bores. Bare rollers or complete assembled with bearings and blocks.

Roller Jackets

Cladded or not to your requirements.


To complete the supply we are also geard to manufacture the axles.

Roll Assemblies

Together with partners we source bearings etc, to offer you complete
assembled roll-lines ready to be installed in the caster segments.

Weld surfacing for improved performance

Our rolles can be found in various applications, from steel mills to cement crushers. Whenever you have corrosion or erosion on rollers, give Dalforsån the opportunity to prepare a tailored package of service to expand lifetime and reduce your cycle cost for repairs, and increase your productivity with our long lasting rollers due to Dalforsåns long understanding and responsibility for our products.

A member of the Welding Alloys Group